November 26 – the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the film „The Spring To Come” in Suchedniów

przedwiosnie On Thursday November 26th I will take part in the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Stefan Żeromski Primary School No 3 in Suchedniów which will be combined with screening of the film “The Spring To Come” based on the Stefan Żeromski’s novel. In this film I had a pleasure to play one of the most important roles of my life – the role of Cezary Baryka. In the meeting will take part as well: actor Daniel Olbrychski (who played the role of Szymon Gajowiec), the director Filip Bajon and the the producers: Dariusz Jabłoński, Iza Wójcik, Violetta Kamińska. I’d like to add that I was invited by honorific clapper-man of our film – Sławomir Zieliński.
After the screening there will be a literary relay race – the reading of the book “The Spring To Come” by Stefan Żeromski. Everyone is invited 

Best regards,

November 20-22 – Mickiewicz Days in Athens

adam_mickiewicz_east_news I ‘m so happy to announce that in the upcoming days, November 20th – 22nd I will take part in the project “Mickiewicz Days” in Athens. In the beautiful scenery of royal gardens at Zappio Megaro together with Marta Lambiri – young Greek actress with Polish background – I will recite “Crimean sonnets” – Adam Mickiewicz’s the only poems translated into Greek. In the programme there are also planned theatrical show “Biesiada – Soplicowo w Atenach” and theatrical scenes “Świtezianka”, “Romantyczność”, “Rybka”, “Dziady part IV” prepared by Polish students in Athens, the screening of the film “Pan Tadeusz” by Andrzej Wajda, show of Polish dances and exhibitions.

The project is organized by Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Szkoły Polskiej in Greece, Zrzeszenia Polaków in Greece. It’s held under the auspices of Polish Embassy in Athens.

Kind regards,

November 13-14 – „Three Times Bed”

160x160 pix_zdjęcie profilowe 1 This Friday and Saturday, November 13th and 14th in Lubartów you will see me in the bed . I mean – the best marital show in Poland “Three Times Bed” written by Jan Jakub Należyty. With my sister Matylda we play the roles of husband and wife, who love and quarrel all the time, face the every-day reality, feel the passion, strive against jealousness, split up and come back to each other.
The show is about universal themes just like love and the authenticity in man-woman relationship, how to fulfill your dreams and realize your ambitions in contrary to the reality of day-life, how to solve the conflict between parents and growing-up kids, and what’s more important – money or following your passion.
In the show you will see (interchangeably) Lucyna Malec / Ewa Romaniak and Marek Siudym / Dariusz Gnatowski.

See you in the bedroom 


„Oniegin” in Teatr Studio in Warsaw – November 15-17

oniegin3 I invite you to the November shows “Oniegin”, where I play the main role of Eugene Oniegin. Although Pushkin wrote his poem 200 years ago, it turned out to be a very current story, where friendship lost to love and love lost to death. The character I play is the man of the world, rich, he’s rolling and having contacts, but he’s unfulfilled, bored in his life, downright embittered and jaundiced. He dreams about love, but he can’t fall in love with woman or be loved…

The show will be performed on November 15th at 4 p.m. and November 16th and 17th at 6 p.m. in Teatr Studio in Warsaw. You will see also Maja Juras (as Tatiana), Modest Ruciński (Leński), Justyna Bielecka (Olga), Krzysztof Stelmaszczyk (the poet and somebody who can be everything as well) and the director Irena Jun – my teacher from Theatrical Academy – as nanny, mother, aunt.
What’s interesting, we play in the foyer and thanks to this fact big emotions and passions are so close to the viewers :-)

See you there,


November 2 – the premiere of the TV series “Как я стал русским”

Kak Next Monday November the 2nd in Russian TV station CTC will be broadcasted the new TV series consisting of 20 episodes “Как я стал русским”, where I play the main role. I play the role of American journalist Alex Wilson from New York who comes to visit Moscow… :-) It’s a brilliantly written and funny story and these of you who knows the differences between the Russian and American culture and way of life, only can imagine how many weird situations will come to the character I play :-)
First two episodes you may watch on Monday November the 2nd at 9 p.m. (UTC+3) in TV station CTC. The coming episodes will be broadcasted every day, from Monday till Thursday, for 5 weeks. I warmly invite you to watch it.
Here you may see the trailer
and click “I like it” on Facebook

October / November – trip to Vietnam and Sri Lanka

IMG_6367 I will travel again soon! This time I will go to Vietnam and Sri Lanka! I’m so happy that I’ll go there with a film crew as a host of the series “The map of disappearing world”, which will be broadcast on TVP1 in the spring. The series is devoted to the protection of many endangered species of the animals and plants because of the overexploitation by man. In Vietnam and Sri Lanka we will take a look at the problem of the souvenirs made of endangered local species e.g. coral reef, snake’s skin, turtles’ shells or illegal trade of living reptiles. We will look at traditional oriental medicine as well. Do you know that using protected species of fauna and flora in the process of producing medicines can cause huge damages in whole ecosystems?

Take a look at my Facebook fanpage, where I will put nice photos from the journey and keep you posted :-)ęcki-233407416725787/



photo is from Madagascar :-)

October 18-19 – the show „Oniegin” in Teatr Studio in Warsaw

oniegin2 I invite you to the show “Oniegin” in Teatr Studio in Warsaw on October 18th and 19th. I play the main role Eugene Oniegin. He’s the main character in Pushkin’s poem, written over 200 years ago. Contrary to appearances this character is very current – he’s the man of the world, rich, but unfulfilled and bored in his life. He’s just lost and lonely man, unhappy in love, who can’t fall in love with woman or be loved…

In the show will perform Marta Juras (as Tatiana), Modest Ruciński (Leński), Justyna Bielecka (Olga), Krzysztof Stelmaszczyk (the poet and somebody who can be everything as well) and the director Irena Jun – my teacher from Theatrical Academy – as nanny, mother, aunt.

See you there,


Pytanie na Śniadanie – link to the interview

PNS If you missed yesterday programme “Pytanie Na Śniadanie” with my participation, you may watch it now clicking the link :-)



October 15 – the programme „Pytanie Na Śniadanie” in TVP2

PNS Tomorrow October 15 I will be a guest in the programme “Pytanie na śniadanie” in TVP2. I will talk about my trips to Kenya and Madagascar, which I made as a host of the new series “The map of a disappearing world” devoted to the protection of many endangered species of the animals and plants because of the overexploitation by man. I will show you many amazing photos of local fauna and flora and I will tell what can we do not to destroy this beautiful nature in exotic countries.

I will tell you some news from film set “Na dobre i na złe” and about the future of the character I play – Krzysztof Radwan as well.

I invite you to chat with me at 9.20 a.m. and to see me on TV at 9.50 a.m. :-)


October 13, 17-18 – “Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody” in Nowy Sącz and Warsaw

Klaps05_fot. Ola_Grochowska I’d like to invite you to the comedian and music show “Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody” which warms up every audience. This time we will play on 19th Autumn Theatrical Festival in Nowy Sącz and in Warsaw as well.

The show is based on the bestseller and scandal book “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. Marta Walesiak plays a role of novice writer E. B. Janet who decides to write a book about deeply hidden sexual desires and unwonted relations between man and woman. I play a role of pervert millionaire Hugh Hansen, based on the character of famous Christian Grey. I seduce 22 years old unexperienced Natasha Wood (Magda Lamparska) and teach her sophisticated, erotic games…

The show is directed by Canadian John Weisgerber, the author of the translation into Polish is Bartosz Wierzbięta who translated cult dialogues for “Shrek”, “Madagascar” or “Kung Fu Panda” as well. The choreography is made by Paulina Andrzejewska.

In Nowy Sącz we play on Tuesday October 13th at 5 p.m, in Warsaw on Saturday October 16th at 7.30 p.m. and on Sunday October 18th at 8 p.m.

The show is only for adults :-)

See you there,



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